• Oat Beta Glucan powder 90%
Oat Beta Glucan powder 90%

Oat Beta Glucan powder 90%

  • Appearance: off-white powder
  • 100% Natural Product
  • Solubility:good soluble in water
  • Test Method:AOAC995.16
  • Product description: Huzhou Purestar Biochem Co.,Ltd provide the reliable quality Oat Beta Glucan powder 90% and beta d glucan 90% with ISO,Halal,Kosher

Oat Beta Glucan 90%

Product Name:Oat β glucan,Oat 1,3/1,4 D β Glucan,Oat 1,3/1,4 Glucan

Appearance: off-white powder

Mesh size:80 mesh

Purity :Oat Beta Glucan 90%

Protein:NMT 5%

Moisture:NMT 5%

Latin Name: Avena sativa L..

Use part:endosperm cell wall of oat

Solubility:good soluble in water

Test Method:AOAC995.16

Safety:1)Non-GMO and GRAS

2)Possible FDA & EFSA “Heart Healthy” Claim

3)100% Natural Product

4)Low Fat, Protein and Calorie

Description of Oat Beta Glucan 90%

Oat β -glucan is extracted from oat bran and is a multi-functional addictive to active cosmetics. It is a glucan made up of cellotrioses and cellotetroses. The proportion of cellotrioses and cellotetroses in β -glucan is 3: 7. After the 1980s, Wood et. Al. Discovered with specific enzymatic hydrolysis that the glycosidic bonds of cellotrioses and cellotetroses in oat β -glucan form a single spiraled chain; In over 85% of oat β -glucan molecules, there is one cellotriose between every 2-3 cellotetroses. A large amount of hydrophilic groups are spread evenly on the main chain of glucan. According to current research results, oat β -glucan is a natural anti-ageing substance.

Oat β - (1 → 3,1 → 4) dextran referred to as oat β-glucan, is present in the oat endosperm and aleurone cell wall of a non-starch polysaccharide. It consists of monomer β-D-glucopyranose, through the β - (1 → 3) and β - (1 → 4) glycosidic linkages formed a high-molecular polymer. The distribution of β- (1 → 3) and β- (1 → 4) glycosidic bonds is not completely ordered or completely ordered. The distribution of β- (1 → 4) glucan is mainly composed of cellotriose or cellotetraose (1 → 3) glycosidic linkage between every 2 ~ 3 β-glucan molecules in oat β-glucan and 85% (1 → 4) glycosidic bond, which may contain four, five or eight glucose residues. (1 → 4) and β - (1 → 3) glycosidic linkages in the ratio of about 2.4: 1. In the endosperm and aleurone cell wall components, β-glucan accounted for more than 85%. Oat β-glucan is a short-chain dextran with relatively small molecular weight. The relative molecular mass of oat β-glucan varies from 5300 to 257200.

Characteristics of oat beta glucan 90%

1)High Soluble Dietary Fiber

2)High purity, Molecular weight and Bio-activity

3)Excellence processability: Neutral taste; Non-hygroscopic;

5)Thermostability; Preferred viscosity、solubility and flowability.

oat beta glucan powder 90%

Function of Oat Beta Glucan 90%

lower cholesterol

For many years, scientists have found that bata-glucan can reduce the rate of gastrointestinal absorption of fatty acids, lower cholesterol synthesis in the human body.With the bata-glucan research maturing, the scholars have in animal and human experiments were carried out A large number of experiments confirmed that bata-glucan in lowering cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein has a specific physiological function.Studies found that bata-glucan on cholesterol mainly to significantly reduce the plasma total cholesterol (TC) and Low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDI-TC), while high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and triglyceride (TG) did not significantly affect the kernel. Oat glucan on high cholesterol people have a significant role in lowering cholesterol.

There are four hypotheses about the mechanism of oat glucan lowering cholesterol:

① can be combined with bile acids, an increase of bile acid excretion, thereby reducing the bile acid levels and plasma cholesterol concentration.

② microbial fermentation can be produced in the intestinal short-chain fatty acids, can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver.

③ can promote LDL-C decomposition.

④ in the digestive tract to form a high viscosity environment, hinder the digestive tract of fat, cholesterol and bile acid absorption.

Reducing blood glucose

Daily consumption of dextran oatmeal food, blood sugar levels can be reduced by about 50%, the use of oatmeal foods have significantly lower blood sugar effect Oat sweat dextran can reduce blood lipid levels, improve blood flow properties, accelerate the absorption of sugar components in the use of process In the transport speed and efficiency, while diabetes complicated by liver and kidney tissue lesions have a good repair, and can effectively reduce the decomposition of liver glycogen, leading to lower blood sugar.

Enhance immunity

Oat glucan has immunomodulatory effects, oat p-glucan can mouse lymphocyte proliferation, enhance the ability of mice to resist bacterial invasion; can stimulate mouse peritoneal macrophages release tumor necrosis factor (TNF-ALPHAhe) and (P <0.05), and the release of immunoglobulin of oat glucan by intragastric or parenteral administration. The results showed that oat glucan could enhance the immunological function of mice, The role of force.


Oat glucan in the intestinal fermentation of short-chain fatty acids, can reduce the glucosidase, glucuronidase and enzyme activity of microbial metabolic enzymes; viscous p-glucan, but also increase the intestinal secondary gallbladder Acid excretion of these enzymes and secondary bile acid is colon cancer induced factor trapped, and oat glucan has anti-cancer effect.

Improve the intestinal tract

Oat dextran in the small intestine can not be hydrolyzed, but in the large intestine degradation and as a bacterial fermentation substrate, fermentation of short-chain fatty acids, especially butyric acid, beneficial intestinal function oat p-glucan can make mice Intestinal and fecal bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus value, leaving the number of E. coli decreased, so oat dextran also has improved intestinal function, and promote the growth of intestinal beneficial bacteria.

Beauty effect

People have long been aware of the use of oats to treat dry skin and recover itching. The use is made directly into the oat paste on the skin. But because of the different oat production methods different levels of high and low quality is difficult to maintain stability. With the development of science and technology scientists have gradually discovered the main components of oat beauty skin care and mechanism of action.

Oat β-glucan has an excellent anti-aging effect, can smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture; has a unique linear molecular structure, giving a good transdermal absorption properties; promote fibroblasts Synthetic collagen, to promote wound healing, repair damaged skin, giving the skin such as silky smooth moist touch.

Application of Oat Beta Glucan 90%

1.Oat Beta glucan used as ingredients of health food: capsules; tablets;  electuary

2.Oat Beta glucan powder use as meal replacements products

3.Oat Beta glucan powder used in dairy products

4.Oat Beta glucan powder used in bakery goods and others

5.Oat Beta glucan powder used in functional beverage & solid beverage

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