• Oat Beta Glucan powder 70%
Oat Beta Glucan powder 70%

Oat Beta Glucan powder 70%

  • Use part:endosperm cell wall of OAT
  • Purity :Oat Beta Glucan powder 70%
  • Test Method:AOAC995.16
  • Safety:GRAS(FDA)
  • Product description: Huzhou Purestar Biochem Co.,Ltd provide the reliable quality Oat Beta Glucan powder 70% and beta d glucan 70% with ISO,Halal,Kosher

Oat Beta Glucan 70%

Product Name:Oat β glucan

Purity :Oat Beta Glucan powder 70%

Latin Name: Avena sativa L..

Appearance: light yellow to off-white powder

Mesh size:80 mesh

Solubility:good soluble in water

Active ingredient:1,3/1,4 D β Glucan

Test Method:AOAC995.16



Use part:endosperm cell wall of OAT

oat beta glucan powder 70%,nutrition information

Description of Oat Beta Glucan 70%

We adapted advanced bio-technology to derive high purity and highly reactive natural soluble oat beta glucan from endosperm cell wall of oat. As a new type of functional food ingredient, besides having superior health function, oat beta glucan can be used to lower cholesterol and blood fat, reduce chance of getting cardiovascular disease. It has decent emulsibility, foaming ability and water binding capacity; can be widely used in foods, health products, medicines and make ups.

Characteristics of oat β glucan

A natural fiber composed of β-(1→4)-linked glucose units separated every two to three units by a singleβ-(1→3)-linked glucose.

Safety of Oat Beta Glucan

1)In 1997,it was permitted by FDA(USA)to label the healthcare function of Oat Beta Glucan as a soluble dietary fiber. The intake of 3g of Oat Beta Glucan can decrease cholesterol.  In Jan. 2013, Oat Beta Glucan 70% and 50% were approved as GRAS by FDA.

2)In 2011, it was permitted by EU to claim Oat Beta Glucan’s blood sugar regulation function by 4g of intake.

3)In 2014, National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Public of China approved Oat Beta Glucan70% submitted by GDFII as new food material with the same healthcare function claimed in U.S and EU.

Oat beta glucan powder 70%

Function of Oat Beta Glucan 70%

Oat beta glucan can lower cholesterol

1)the formation of high-viscosity environment in the intestine obstruction of the digestive tract on fat, cholesterol and bile acid absorption;

2)in the small intestine and bile acid binding, increased excretion of bile acids and bile acid synthesis, thereby accelerating the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids;

3)in the colon by microbial fermentation of short-chain fatty acid degradation, inhibition of cholesterol synthesis.

Oat beta glucan can Control blood sugar

1)oat β-glucan in the intestine to form a highly viscous environment delayed intestinal absorption of carbohydrates, so that exogenous blood sugar decreased;

2)through the protection of islet β cells, repair its lesions to improve its functional properties so that insulin can maintain a stable secretion of blood sugar to achieve the purpose of regulation;

3)through the regulation and activation of PI3K insulin signaling pathway to improve the status of insulin resistance.

Oat beta glucan can control weight

1)oat β-glucan is a low-calorie food, after consumption is not easy to digest;

2)oat β-glucan has a strong water swelling, after eating in the stomach can produce lasting satiety and satisfaction, reduce appetite;

3)can promote the secretion of gastrointestinal hormone tyrosine peptide (PYY2-36), PYY and the hypothalamus Y2 receptor binding, the receptor by suppressing the appetite stimulating factor neuropeptide (YY)

Oat beta glucan can improve constipation

1)Oat β - glucan at a relatively low concentration can form a high viscosity, swelling in the intestine can be water, promote intestinal peristalsis, the defecation rate increased;

2)Oat β - glucan has a high water holding capacity, helps to dilute the intestinal contents, and can be absorbed by the intestinal endotoxin with the stool from the body, is conducive to Runchang catharsis;

3)Oat β - glucan as a fermentation substrate for probiotics in the colon can be anaerobic catabolism, short - chain fatty acids (SCFA) and butyric acid, can reduce intestinal pH, and then stimulate the intestinal mucosa, Promote bowel movements, play Runchang catharsis role.

bulk oat beta glucan powder 70%

Application of Oat Beta Glucan 70%

1.Health foods (oral capsules, tablets, nutrition enhancers)

2.Functional drinks (carbonated drinks, fruit juices, dairy drinks, yogurts)

3.Baked foods (Bread, steam bums, cakes, biscuits etc.)

4.As a fat substitution of fat to apply in mayonnaise, salad dressings and other condiments.

5.Great water binding capacity, can be added into meat and seafood to improve the food quality.

6.Make ups

Package and Storage of Oat Beta Glucan 70%

Packing: 1KG*10 aluminum foil bag/carton; 25KG/drum

Storage Conditions: stored in a cool, dry and ventilative place.

Self life: 24 months

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