Yeast Beta Glucan will be one of the hottest ingredient of health industry

Yeast Beta Glucan will be one of the hottest ingredient of health industry

It is new trend to use yeast beta glucan

Yeast β-glucan as a novel food ingredient, immune regulation, anti-allergic, anti-infective, anti-radiation and anti-tumor effect,meanwhile,its source also in line with requirements of producer and consumer which raw materials is "natural", "nutrition", "health".So it gradually become the darling of the market and consumers.

With the "thirteen five" plan outline will be "healthy China" strategy into which the global population aging, the advent of sub-health trends, air pollution, water pollution, increased incidence of cancer, allergic disease outbreak and other health problems, So that people's attention to health care is also rising, China's health industry ushered in a high-speed development opportunities. At the same time the domestic food industry a number of related laws and regulations, such as health food "record registration system", infant formula powder "registration system" have been implemented, the relevant laws and regulations more stringent and perfect, with the public health awareness and Consumer concept of upgrading, consumers of various functional food raw materials and the use of the source also put forward higher requirements.

The earliest studies of yeast β- glucan originated in Europe as early as the middle of last century, Dr. Diluzio Tulum University discovered that inhibition of yeast cell wall contains immunity-boosting substance is --β- glucan from baker's yeast, and isolate the substance from baker's yeast.

In 2009, the US FDA approved yeast β-glucan as GRAS food raw materials, 2010 CFDA approved yeast β-glucan as a new food raw materials, the EU approved the yeast β-glucan in 2011 for food ingredients, 2012, CFDA And the application of yeast β-glucan extended to the larger infant formula. With the introduction of regulations and research gradually mature, yeast β-glucan application areas and market size is gradually increasing.

Can be used widely

Due to a significant immune regulation, anti-infective, and other functions, applications yeast β- glucan is very extensive, involving many fields of food, animal nutrition and cosmetics.

Food industry:

At present, yeast glucan is mainly used in health food, dairy industry, functional beverage, baking and other industries, as a new functional ingredients to give the product a variety of health functions. Yeast β-glucan in the use of health care products have been relatively mature, health care products with functional publicity, high value-added, can better support the use of yeast β-glucan, there are many kinds of these products.

Regard to common food, the yeast β-glucan has been applie to infant formula milk powder, functional drinks, probiotics granules, dietary supplements and other products.

yeast beta glucan have been used in supplement

With the law and regulations become more perfect, suppliers and terminal manufacturers to cultivate the market, the consumer's desire for health,in the future,yeast beta glucan will be widely used in dairy products, functional drinks and other industries, especially in the elderly formula milk powder, infant formula milk powder, functional fermented milk and room temperature milk.

More and more common foods and health supplements which using yeast β-glucan will also appear, such as protein powder, meal powder, biscuits, functional drinks, etc., which are added with yeast β-glucan.

Animal Nutrition:

At present the feed industry has begun to limit the use of antibiotics, through a variety of natural ingredients to replace the use of antibiotics to reduce the amount of use. Yeast β- glucan by improving the animal's own resistance to disease and thus can partially replace the use of antibiotics, yeast β- glucan currently widely used in the field of pet food, animal feed, aquaculture, especially in Europe, Japan Korea and other developed countries, yeast β-glucan have been used in the aquaculture industry more widely.

yeast beta glucan have been used in food


Yeast β-glucan is widely used in the cosmetics industry, but mainly uses its modified aqueous solution, which can provide the traditional moisturizing agent such as hyaluronic acid, Cosmetics sunscreen, repair, and many other functions, compared to the traditional oat beta glucan, mushroom polysaccharides, has significant advantages.

yeast beta glucan have been used in cosmetic

The quantity of demand will increase fastly

Due to the earlier product development and high consumer acceptance, the market of yeast β-glucan is mainly in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. In 2016, the global market demand for yeast β-glucan is 300 tons, It is expected that by 2020, the market demand will reach more than 1,000 tons.

the market demand quantity of yeast beta glucan recent years

Increase the effectiveness of research,improve the value more.

At present, yeast beta glucan is mainly divided into soluble and insoluble two specifications, the content is more than 70%, some companies also have higher levels of specifications, higher levels of yeast β-glucan are more advantageous in terms of cost, improved product formulation and flavor due to less fat, ash and other impurities.

In the future, according to market demand, different yeast β-glucan suppliers will provide more different specifications or solubility of the product, yeast β-glucan purity will be further improved to improve the use of convenience, to further improve the flavor and taste.


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